The New ATT HLBOT Update 17/01/2012

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    Hello, Today I bring a hack that was updated 16/12 days, Follow the tutorial and read the topic carefully before commenting anything.



    Windows Vista:
    Windows XP:
    Windows 7:


    I recommend to leave the MenuDo HackSo ..

    Aimbot - yes
    Aim Key - Mouse L-
    Wall Hack - Yes
    Full Bright - Yes
    Crosshairs - Yes
    Esp Name - Yes
    Health Esp - Yes
    Esp C4 Bomp - Yes
    Esp Boxes - Yes
    Esp Rank - Yes
    Draw Lines - Yes
    White Walls - In
    White Players - In the
    Remove Wall - The
    Long Knife Attack - Yes
    Krife Fast Attack - Yes
    Shoot Through Wall - Yes
    Anti Fall Damages - Yes
    Anti Weapon Weight - Yes
    Anti Recoil weapons - Yes
    Anti Reload weapons - Yes
    Anti granade Bomp - Yes
    Anti AWM Delay - Yes
    One Hit Sniper - In
    One Hit Kill - The
    Game Type - Normal
    Defuse C4 - Key And
    Save This Map - The
    Load Saved Map - In


    One Hit Kill Not Working! Not Enable Client Error not to take!
    And So The HACK Activate while playing in a room. If Will Not Turn a room Fikar Giving "CF" Every Time!
    When this happen, and Loga VC


    Go In The Crossfire Folder And Delete This Folder "Report" After The Close the Folder Open hack
    Login to your account and ready ..

    Prints Hacker:



    1 Download the file. Rar and extract to your desktop.

    2 ° Open Loader(As Administrator If you use Windows Vista or 7).

    wait 3 ° 5 / 2 1 / 2 in case lock is close clear all ******s from Internet Explorer!

    Insert 4 ° Hides / Displays menu.

    5 ° open the play by play is patcher_cf

    جيـــــــــــنا للتحميل
    للتحميل ضع رد يليق بشخصيتك

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    رد: The New ATT HLBOT Update 17/01/2012

    دة الرابط ياجماعة معلشي مش عارف اعددل في الموضوع
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    رد: The New ATT HLBOT Update 17/01/2012

    شكؤا والله ياكبير
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    يسلمو يا معلم 40ايجى540ايجى5
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